Shopping online has grown to become one of the most common things today. That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs have created online stores to take advantage of the demand. However, whether you’re looking to develop online store free or a premium online store, the shopping cart is a critical component. Here are the 4 main reasons why you need to choose a free e-commerce website that integrates shopping cart:

The benefit of multiple payment options when you select a free e-commerce website builder with shopping cart compatibility

A good shopping cart allows integration of various payment options like credit card, Google Checkout, and third-party payment system like PayPal. This is important because different customers have their preference when it comes to paying for products and services online. Some prefer to pay with credit cards. Others prefer to pay with PayPal and other third-party payment options. The shopping cart software that integrates multiple payment options will help you make more sales.

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Shopping cart software can track your best free online store’s sales trends and customer patterns

The cool part about shopping cart software is that it’s able to track sales trends, visitor patterns as well as buyer behavior. This can be vital information that you can use to strengthen your marketing campaigns. Shopping cart software is also able to offer data and analysis on the kind of content that is bringing results, the time it takes for visitors to make buying decisions, data on shopping cart abandonment and past sales. The ability to track sales and buyer behavior can help you scale your business quickly.

Choosing a free e-commerce website builder that integrates with shopping cart software come with autoresponders

Email marketing is among the most effective ways to attract potential buyers to your online business. Email marketing is usually conducted using autoresponders. An autoresponder is a software that automatically sends emails to thousands of people at a go. In a free e-commerce website, an autoresponder can be used to deliver products, marketing and conveying payment confirmations.

You benefit from improved product management if you choose a free website builder with shopping cart software

Established online stores experience challenges when managing products. Most shopping carts come along with product management capabilities to streamline your product management process.


Even if you’re creating a free online store, it’s advantageous to integrate shopping cart software. Besides helping you with inventory management, shopping cart software will streamline your check out process, leading many satisfied customers.