There are many steps to building our free online store. But many people make a lot of mistakes when developing their sites. In this post, we discuss the common mistakes people make when creating their own free e-commerce websites:

Most people build online store free websites that are static

A static site means it cannot be quickly updated and every page has to be formatted to make any customization. This kind of website is not favorable in today’s competitive marketplace. You need to create a free online store that is easy to update because you’ll be updating content frequently.  That’s why most business people swear by WordPress when it comes to creating their e-commerce websites. WordPress has inbuilt static and non-static elements, which allows you to choose what you prefer. You can also edit your web pages at the same time if you use a non-static website. This gives your online store a more organized and professional look. So when creating your free online store, it’s a good idea to stay away from static websites.

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Not including enough whitespace when creating content for your best free online store

Content is essential when building your free online store. Content plays the biggest part when it comes to visibility of your online store. But that will only happen if you create great content and make it easy for people to consume it. For example, when creating text-based content, include a lot of whitespaces to enhance readability. To create a lot of white space, break your content into short paragraphs. Ideally, each paragraph should not have more than 3 sentences. Note that concentration spans are shorter these days. So if you create blocks of text, many people will not read them.

Coming up with wrong URLs for your best free online stores

Speaking of URLs, there are two kinds: branded URL and Keyword URL. With a branded URL, you create a clever name specifically for your site’s branding purposes. Like the name suggests, keyword URL has your primary keyword or topic in it. So if your website is about content marketing, the URL would look like this; So if your aim is to brand yourself, then it would be better to go with a branded URL. But it won’t be easy for people to find you till they recognize your brand.

The best way to create greater visibility for your online store from the beginning is to use keyword URL. Also, it’s a great way to get search engine traffic streaming to your online store. And this can lead to impressive sales.

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